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Implementation Plan

Our implementation plans provide a roadmap for work on strategic initiatives over a three-year period.

Putting Plans into Action

The Wolfpack 2030 strategic plan will be operationalized through implementation plans. Each implementation plan is an opportunity for the university to identify and communicate high-level, priority initiatives that contribute to meeting our seven strategic goals.

FY 22-24 Implementation Plan

Recommendations from the nine Wolfpack 2030 strategic planning task forces, as well as the four post-COVID innovation task forces, formed the basis of the initiatives found in the FY22-24 implementation plan. Several initiatives included in the FY22-24 implementation plan are already underway.

Throughout the fall of 2022, the Chancellor’s Cabinet reviewed FY22-24 implementation plan drafts and solicited input from their senior leadership. The result is a living document that reflects the near-term initiatives requiring our focus in order to meet NC State’s long-term strategic goals. Institutional Strategy and Analysis will work with initiative contacts to communicate progress and updates to the university community.

Because the implementation plan is a living document, outdated versions may come to exist on campus over time. The current and authoritative version is always available at this site and should be consulted in case of discrepancy.

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