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Looking to get involved in the university's strategic planning process? Find ways to connect and shape NC State's future for 2020 and beyond.

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The next strategic plan will build on NC State’s previous accomplishments and propel the university forward to achieve its remarkable potential. Comprehensive feedback and participation from the entire campus community will help ensure an even brighter future for NC State.

Get Involved

  • Check the Strategic Plan website for updates on the progress of strategic planning task forces related to your area of interest.
  • Attend the open task force meetings. Meeting details will be posted regularly on the individual task force sites.
  • Review individual task force websites for meeting minutes, and provide feedback on ideas that were discussed.
  • Contact the task forces by submitting feedback via a form on the individual task force sites.

Communications Toolkit

If you are a communicator, there are important ways to share messaging regarding the new strategic plan and strategic planning process, and we would like your help to achieve success in all our efforts. Use these resources for your communications efforts to faculty, staff and students, and encourage them to learn more about and participate in the strategic planning process.

  • Share digital billboards in your building(s) 
  • Add task force meetings to your website’s calendar(s). Refer to each of the respective task force websites to see upcoming meetings.
    • These will be added to the university calendar as they are scheduled.
  • Share on social media — using #NCStateStrategicPlan
    • Sample tweets:
      • The new university strategic plan will build upon the strengths and successes of “The Pathway to the Future: NC State’s 2011-2020 Strategic Plan.”
      • We welcome and encourage input throughout the strategic planning process. Visit individual task force websites to learn about upcoming meetings or submit feedback.
      • Did you know you can help contribute to NC State’s next strategic plan? Check out the task force meeting schedule to attend an open meeting.
      • The strategic planning task forces want to hear from you. Share your feedback by going to the individual task force websites:
  • Create and share feature stories in internal newsletters about the strategic planning process, and encourage people to participate.
  • Add a module to your website (a highlight box is shown below) that includes the following copy, an image and links to the strategic plan site to invite users to learn more and get engaged.
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NC State's Next Strategic Plan

The new strategic plan will build upon our solid foundation and progress as a leading land-grant university.

Stay up-to-date on our latest planning efforts.