Find a timeline of the planning, formation and execution of NC State's next strategic plan.

Primrose Hall Sundial


  • August 20 – Creation of NC State’s strategic plan announced
  • September 3 – Leadership retreat held, with participants representing all of NC State
  • December 12 – Strategic plan task forces announced


  • February 11 – Strategic plan task forces rosters and websites announced
  • February – May – Task forces launched, charged and holding open meetings to gather input and prepare white papers
  • March  – Strategic Planning Executive Steering Committee (SPESC) charged
  • March 6 – Strategic planning presentation and discussion at Board of Visitors meeting
  • July 31 – Task force white papers are due*
  • Summer 
    • White papers will be shared with the community for feedback.
    • SPESC to integrate task force reports into a draft university strategic plan.
  • Fall – Draft strategic plan to be posted and stakeholders given opportunity to comment.
  • Late fall –  Board of Trustees to approve the strategic plan.

*Due to COVID-19 and the interruption to University business operations, the original June 1 white paper due date was extended to July 31.