Comprehensiveness and Interdisciplinarity

Task Force White Paper

Posted 1-21-11 | 19 pg

Task Force Focus

The following questions are provided as a starting point for task force discussions and are not intended to limit the range of discussions.

  • What is NC State‚Äôs model for comprehensiveness?
  • What steps should we take to achieve that model?
  • How do we ensure quality appropriate to a research-extensive university in all areas?
  • How do we encourage and support development of interdisciplinary collaborations, including STEM and non-STEM collaborations?
  • How do we hire faculty into interdisciplinary programs?

Task Force Members

Robert Kelly (co-chair)
Alcoa Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering

Meredith Davis (co-chair)
Professor, Graphic Design
College of Design

Jana Angel
Senior, International Studies and Communications
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Gene Bressler
Department Head, Landscape Architecture
College of Design

Marie Davidian
William Neal Reynolds Professor, Statistics
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Raymond Fornes
Associate Dean for Research
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Hans Kellner
Professor, English
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf
Research Professor, Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine

Louis Martin-Vega
College of Engineering

Nick Mueldener
Graduate Student, Higher Education Administration
College of Education

Jack Odle
William Neal Reynolds Professor, Animal Science
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dave Ollis
Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
College of Engineering

Fay Payton
Associate Professor, Business Management
College of Management

Mark Scearce
Director, Music Department, ARTS NC State
Division of Student Affairs

Laura Severin
Professor, English
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Bill Winner
Professor, Forestry and Environmental Resources
College of Natural Resources