Faculty Excellence

Task Force White Paper

Posted 1-21-11 | 9 pg

Task Force Focus

The following questions are provided as a starting point for task force discussions and are not intended to limit the range of discussions.

  • How can we best enable the effectiveness of all faculty?
  • How do we become more competitive in recruiting faculty (e.g., through start-up packages)?
  • How many faculty do we need, and in which areas? How can we substantially increase the number and proportion of faculty, especially tenured/tenure-track faculty with research portfolios? What should be the role of cluster hiring?
  • What is the appropriate balance between tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty for NC State? What is the role of non-tenure-track faculty?

Task Force Members

Trudy Mackay (co-chair)
William Neal Reynolds Distinguished University Professor of Genetics
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dan Solomon (co-chair)
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Diane Beckman
Teaching Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages And Literatures
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Georgia Bizios
Professor, Architecture
College of Design

Betsy Brown
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Office of Faculty Development

Bob Brown
College of Natural Resources

Barbara Carroll
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
Office of Finance & Business

Katherine Carroll
Assistant Professor, Textile and Apparel Technology and Management
College of Textiles

Jere Confrey
Joseph D. Moore Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education
College of Education

Jessica DeCuir-Gunby
Associate Professor, Curriculum, Instruction and Counselor Education
College of Education

Anita Flick
Teaching Assistant Professor, Biology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Christine Grant
Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Special Initiatives
College of Engineering

Tony Harrison
Department Head, English
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chris McGahan
Department Head, Molecular Biomedical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine

Donna Petherbridge
Associate Vice Provost for Instructional Support Services
Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications

Laura Taylor
Professor, Agricultural & Resource Economics
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Paul Williams
Professor, Accounting
College of Management