Resource Strategies

Task Force White Paper

Posted 1-21-11 | 12 pg

Task Force Focus

The following questions are provided as a starting point for task force discussions and are not intended to limit the range of discussions.

  • How can we increase our capacity for teaching, research, and service in light of resource constraints?
  • What are realistic goals and strategies for reducing our reliance on state funding?
  • Should we consider Resource-Centered Management (RCM) or other alternative resource allocation methods?
  • What is the best strategy for allocating instructional resources, including distance education?


Task Force Members

David Bristol (co-chair)
Interim Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine

Roby Sawyers (co-chair)
Professor, Accounting
College of Management

Charlie Coe
Professor, School of Public and International Affairs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Paul Cohen
Head, Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
College of Engineering

Cindy DeLuca
Associate Vice Provost, Summer Sessions and Visitation Programs
Enrollment Management and Services

Lance Fusarelli
Professor, Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education
College of Education

Barry Goldfarb
Department Head, Forestry and Environmental Resources
College of Natural Resources

Christopher Gould
Associate Dean for Administration
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Richard Gould
Department Head, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Kevin Howell
Assistant to the Chancellor for External Affairs
Office of the Chancellor

Nevin Kessler
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
University Advancement

Steve Keto
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Resource Management
Office of Finance & Business

Charlie Leffler
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business
Office of Finance & Business

Rick Liston
Assistant Dean for Operations and Fiscal Affairs
The Graduate School

Tim Luckadoo
Associate Vice Chancellor, Housing and Greek Life
Division of Student Affairs

Raj Narayan
Associate Director, Kenan Institute for Engineering Technology and Science
Office of the Chancellor

Matt Peterson
Director of Federal Research Affairs
Office of Research and Innovation

Rob Stevenson
Benefits Consultant, Employee Recognition Program Manager
Human Resources