2015-2017 Implementation Plan

Our five goals correlate to three overarching strategies that provide direction for the implementation plan. Each strategy is broken down into accountability measures that strengthen our progress toward plan completion.

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Goal 1: Enhance the success of our students through educational innovation.
Goal 2: Enhance scholarship and research by investing in faculty and infrastructure.
Goal 3: Enhance interdisciplinary scholarship to address the grand challenges of society.
Goal 4: Enhance organizational excellence by creating a culture of constant improvement.
Goal 5: Enhance local and global engagement through focused strategic partnerships.

Cultivate Excellence and Continue Investing in Areas of Emphasis

Enhance opportunities for interdisciplinary education, research and scholarship.
Enhance commitment to a diverse university.
Increase the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty.
Encourage focused campus partnerships to foster excellence in global engagement.

Enhance Student, Faculty and Staff Success

Improve student success through improved admissions, enrollment, and retention.
Provide integrated support services: One Stop Shop–Student Central.
Promote undergraduate student success through high impact experiences.
Promote higher-order skills in critical and creative thinking: TH!NK – a quality enhancement program.
Explore the establishment of a University College to better serve the needs of undergraduate students through the following initiatives.
Promote graduate student and post-doctoral success.
Create a culture of continuing professional development for staff and faculty.
Enhance institutional pride.

Improve Institutional Effectiveness While Growing and Realigning Resources

Improve institutional data integration and analytic capacity.
Regularly review the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative processes.
Regularly review the effectiveness and efficiency of academic programs.
Improve processes for providing support to the research enterprise.
Align campus physical infrastructure improvements and utilization with strategic plan.
Develop resource generation, cost-cutting and reallocation strategies to support the strategic plan.
Enhance private support to the University.