Campus Culture and Community

Task Force White Paper

Posted 1-21-11 | 17 pg

Task Force Focus

The following questions are provided as a starting point for task force discussions and are not intended to limit the range of discussions.

  • How do we strengthen our campus identity? How can we build pride and personal connection with the university as a whole for all students, faculty, staff, and alumni?
  • How do we encourage partnerships within the university?
  • What is the role of staff in the cultivation of student success and faculty excellence?
  • How can NC State be a “best place to work”?
  • How do we recognize the importance of a diverse population in achieving our mission? How can we ensure that we have a diverse campus community and a welcoming environment?


Task Force Members

José Picart (co-chair)
Vice Provost
Office for Diversity and Inclusion

Carolyn Argentati (co-chair)
Associate Vice Provost and Deputy Director
NCSU Libraries

Roger Callanan
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs
Division of Undergraduate Academic Programs

Allen Cannedy
Director, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs
College of Veterinary Medicine

Amy Circosta
Assistant Vice Provost and Director of Harassment Prevention Programs
Office for Equal Opportunity

Susan Colby
Student Services Coordinator, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
College of Natural Resources

Chandra Cox
Department Head, Art and Design
College of Design

Bart Danielsen
Associate Professor, Business Management
College of Management

Bonnie Fusarelli
Associate Professor, Leadership, Policy and Adult and Higher Education
College of Education

Joe Hice
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Communications Officer
University Advancement

Justine Hollingshead
Director, Center for GLBT Programs and Services
Division of Student Affairs

David Horning
Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director

Menglong Hu
Doctoral Student, Chemistry
College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Lisa Johnson
Associate University Architect, Facilities Division
Office of Finance & Business

Stephen McDonough
Doctoral Student, Psychology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

David Rainer
Associate Vice Chancellor, Environmental Health and Public Safety
Office of Finance & Business

Chandler Thompson
Junior, Economics
College of Management

Matt Woodward
Junior, Applied Sociology
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Lisa Zapata
Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Recreation, PE, ROTC & TRIO
Division of Student Affairs