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We’re committed to openly communicating our vision for NC State’s future. These resources will keep you up-to-date on progress toward achieving our strategic plan goals.

Strategy Central

Our strategic plan spans an entire decade and involves all NC State faculty, staff and students. To make navigation easier for everyone, we’ve collected all plan information in one place.

Here, you’ll find out more about what we’re doing and when. Most importantly, you’ll see why our initiatives impact the entire campus community.

Home Base Strategy

Overview of Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is grounded in NC State’s mission, vision and values. Here, we provide a brief overview of this foundation, along with the plan’s goals and strategies.

Strategic Plan Updates

We’re creating a culture of constant improvement by evaluating our strategic plan progress. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far.

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is the framework that guides university administrators in long- and short-term planning and decision-making.

Implementation Plans

Our implementation plan provides a roadmap for work on strategic initiatives over a two-year period.

Student Success Report

This report was created by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor to highlight student success initiatives.

Annual Report Card

Each fall, Provost Arden and Chancellor Woodson provide an update on Strategic Plan progress to university leadership and the Board of Trustees.

Annual Metrics Update

Data is collected and collated annually for all Strategic Plan metrics.